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W.E.B Awarded Contract in German Wind Power Tender

Wörbzig repowering project was successful against strong competition in the wind energy tender

In the recently concluded wind power tender in Germany, W.E.B succeeded in winning its first project within the framework of the new tender system.
With an output of 21.6 MW, the submitted Wörbzig project is the largest project for which a contract was award in this round, laying the foundation for a successful repowering. At this site in Saxony-Anhalt, twelve existing Vestas V66 facilities will be replaced by six modern Vestas V136 turbines with a hub height of 149 meters. They will not only generate three times as much energy on the same area, but also achieve a considerably more consistent energy production.

W.E.B asserts itself against tough competition

The second bidding round attracted 281 submitted projects, and was thus close to being three times oversubscribed. 67 offers with a total production output of 1,013 MW were approved. Accordingly, W.E.B also succeeded in demonstrating its competitiveness in a fiercely competitive market. This success was made possible by a favourable cost structure, successful market analysis and a close cooperation with the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas over a period of many years.

Tenders instead of fixed feed-in payments

In Germany, feed-in payments for renewable energy sources have been converted into competitive tenders since January 1, 2017 in line with the Renewable Energies Act (EEG2017). Up until now fixed feed-in rates were applied. Specified quantities of megawatts for new wind energy facilities are awarded within the context of three to four rounds of tenders. In the individual tendering rounds, the wind energy projects offer a specified electricity price. The projects are subsequently ranked according to the bidding price and the most low-cost projects are awarded contracts until the tendered volumes have been reached.
Thanks to the new law, the share of renewable energies as a proportion of gross electricity consumption in Germany should rise from about one-third at present to 40-45% by 2025, to 55%-60% by the year 2035 and at least 80% by 2050.

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