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28.10.2021 00:00

Wind farm hiking for young and old

Great interest in the wind power project Grafenschlag II

On the Austrian National Day (October 26), WEB Windenergie AG used the wonderful weather to invite everyone to a wind farm hike in Grafenschlag. Why? After about 24 years, the district of Zwettl finally gets another wind farm. The interest in the new project was immense. In the course of the afternoon, countless visitors came to hike into the woods and take a closer look at the four wind power plants that are currently under construction. W.E.B and all its experts were at hand to answer any question the visitors might have—and there were many. The positive atmosphere and great interest across generations demonstrates how much the people in the Waldviertel region think about the climate crisis and its potential solutions. At the same time, it is also a clear sign of support for climate protection and wind power in the region. It is hardly surprising that we cannot wait to put the plants into operation and officially open the wind farm next year.  

On the project: WEB Windenergie AG is realizing a wind power project with a total capacity of 12.3 MW in Grafenschlag. This project will make a considerable contribution to climate protection in the Waldviertel region, as the new turbines will generate an annual 26,000 MWh of green power, providing clean energy to 16,500 people. The power plants are currently set up and the entire wind farm will be put into operation early next year.  

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