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W.E.B – A Steady Pioneer

Two decades of clean energy

Renewable energy is our future! This is what we already believed 20 years ago. In 1995  about 100 dedicated citizens of the Lower Austrian town of Michelbach near St. Pölten built Austria’s third wind power plant and W.E.B's oldest wind power plant.

Today W.E.B operates a total of 253 wind energy, 33 photovoltaic, and 3 small hydroelectric power plants. Their established nominal output of 544,00 MW and the produced energy of 1,379,178 MWh enable W.E.B to provide 394.050,99 households with electricity.

Nevertheless, W.E.B is much more than an energy producer and strives to assume a leading role in the coming energy transition. W.E.B is highly committed to achieve this goal and constantly works on new and innovative concepts to implement a decentralized supply of energy from sustainable sources.


WEB Windenergie AG at a glance 

  • 289 W.E.B power plants provide electricity for 394.050,99 households
  • The company focuses on wind energy. Moreover, W.E.B operates photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants
  • The international W.E.B power plant park includes facilities in Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy and Canada. 
  • More than 5,500 shareholders participate in W.E.B, making it the largest independent citizen participation company in the field of wind energy in Austria.
  • W.E.B is not only an energy producer but also committed to the regional energy transition.  

Discover the world of W.E.B. Browse through our website.  

WEB Windenergie AG   
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