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6.10.2021 00:00

More than two-thirds of all new shares already subscribed

Interest in New Shares by W.E.B unabated

On Tuesday, October 5, W.E.B had already received subscription forms for more than two thirds of all new shares. In other words, almost 200,000 of the about 290,000 new shares found new owners before the end of the subscription period, during which the new shares could only be acquired based on subscription rights. The subscription period started on September 1 and will presumably end on October 13. In the subsequent offer period from October 14 to presumably November 24, any remaining new shares may be acquired without subscription rights. 

These subscriptions will be processed by the crowd investing platform CONDA as the technical service provider in the offer period. Anyone interested in the public offer may already subscribe to our Newsletter at and will receive information on the start of the offer period. 

The issue price per share using subscription rights is EUR 85. The subscription rights ratio was determined at 10:1, meaning shareholders need to already hold ten shares for every new share they wish to acquire. The issue price per share without subscription rights will be determined just prior to the beginning of the offer period; the last Annual General Meeting approved a price range between EUR 95 and EUR 105.  


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