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W.E.B-Production results October 2014

Weather in October was dominated by high pressure and fog in Austria. In France and Canada wind power plants had better production results above target. 





Overview based on technology:

Wind power:

  • Production far below target: -19.6 %
  • Wind park with best relative results: Little River: +21.8 %
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: Little River: 802 MWh

Solar power:

  • Solar power production far below target: -19.8 %
  • Best relative plant results: Perbersdorf II: +12.5 %


Hydroelectric power:

  • Hydroelectric power production far above target: +10.4 %


Production to date:

  • W.E.B production results in October: 41,741 MWh*
  • Accumulated result in the course of the year: 481,225 MWh*
  • Percentage of annual projections: 72,1 %*



* Participations included in all values.


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