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The W.E.B Shop has opened   

As of now, one can support the energy turnaround using one’s own body, as at the new W.E.B Shop there are numerous shirts and sweaters with a variety of power-packed motifs.

Moreover, the W.E.B Shop not only stocks outerwear that includes T-shirts, polos, kitchen aprons and hoodies, but also items such as coffee cups with an attractive and meaningful W.E.B motif. Therefore, customers will soon be able to enjoy a little extra energy with their morning coffee!  The current range at the W.E.B Shop is actually a start offer and is to be steadily enlarged.

Accordingly, it will pay dividends to “pop into” our virtual store at regular intervals. Incidentally, supporters of the energy revolution, who are still looking for a small Christmas gift, are in luck. Deliveries take about a week, so there is time enough! 

To the Shop

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