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Record production at the weekend   

After a year in which we were hardly spoiled for wind, 2014 made amends with a “grand finale” in December. 

During the weekend of 19 to 21December, the “Freia” depression brought low pressure and record output of some 10 million kWh of electrical energy in the course of Saturday and Sunday alone.  Ideal wind conditions predominated at all of W.E.B’s European locations from France and Germany to Burgenland in eastern Austria.

On average, output at the wind parks ran at approximately 200MW, which was far above average use of capacity. Despite these loads there were no serious breakdowns and the turbine watchmen and engineers dealt with any minor problems quickly.

Consequently, throughout the entire storm phase the plants operated at availability levels of over 99 per cent. At such moments, tip-top machinery maintenance really pays dividends! 
The weather forecast for the coming week also looks highly promising and at the very least the excellent output situation should last until New Year’s Day. Therefore, a year with only light winds appears set to close on a bright and breezy note. And irrespective of which way the wind blows, W.E.B is ready and waiting!

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