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200th W.E.B power plant opened   

Since 14 January 2015 three wind power plants have gone into operation at Martock Ridge in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. 

As a result, WEB Windenergie AG now has 201 power plants (including 188 wind turbines). Dr. Frank Dumeier, the W.E.B’s CTO is clearly delighted by this further milestone in company history: “As anticipated, we succeeded in opening Martock Ridge at the turn of the year, thereby bringing the company’s 200th power plant on-grid.”

The three new Vestas V100 wind turbines have a total rated output of 6MW. They are capable of supplying over 5,000 households with clean wind energy, thus saving roughly 13,000t of CO2 annually

Dan Roscoe from W.E.B’s local partner, Scotian Windfields, is particularly complimentary about the teamwork with the model company from the Austrian “Waldviertel”. “We couldn’t wish for a better partner. I am already looking forward to the realization of further joint projects.”  He will not have to wait long, as eight further plants are soon to go into service in Nova Scotia. In fact, following the conclusion of this construction phase, W.E.B will be operating 14 plants in Canada  with a total rated output of 28MW.     

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