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Contracts signed for Les Gourlus  

The largest wind park in W.E.B history is starting to take shape. As during the last few days, the plant purchase and service agreements were signed in France with the manufacturer Siemens.

During this and the coming year, W.E.B’s biggest wind park project to date is to be completed near Faux-Vesigneul in France’s Champagne region. The park will have twelve turbines with a total output of almost 40 MW and for the first time, these are to be supplied to W.E.B by Siemens. The wind turbines will be gearless, have directly driven generators and be designed for outputs of 3.2 MW each. The investment volume amounts to over EUR 35 million.  

The purchase and service agreements were signed in the presence of W.E.B’s COO Frank Dumeier and the company’s CEO in France, Nicolas Blais. Siemens France was represented by its CFO, Isabelle Juillet and the Heads of Sales and Services, Filippo Cimitan and Raymond Couloigner.

Work will start on the park in the coming summer and the foundations should be completed by winter. Turbine installation will then commence in March 2016 ready for start-up in the second quarter of the year.       

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