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Andreas Dangl is the CEO of the Year

Andreas Dangl has just received a major award following his selection by an expert jury as the CEO Of The Year.

Every year, company board members vote in three categories for the top performers among their own ranks. And in the bond market category, Andreas Dangl, the WEB Windenergie AG CEO, was able to capture these coveted laurels. These were presented on 4 March 2015 at the invitational CEO/CFO Awards of 2014 ceremony, which was held by Deloitte in cooperation with Börse Express and the CFO Club Austria.   
This is the tenth occasion upon which Austria’s CEOs and CFOs have chosen the best of their fellows and a first award for Andreas Dangl, the W.E.B chairman, who was naturally delighted:  “This prize constitutes highly gratifying confirmation of our course in the direction of the energy transition. Our policy of seeking moderate growth and the international spread of our locations has proven to be the correct decision.”   

Top award
The status enjoyed by this honour is indicated by the fact that the jury is comprised of CEOs and CFOs from companies listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (ATX), which therefore guarantees the highest level of professional competence. Above all, with its decisions the jury pays tribute to all those managers who have been successfully guiding their companies through difficult times for a prolonged period. In particular, economic performance, risk management, leadership, R&D and innovation represent prime considerations in this regard. The presentation of the prize to Andreas Dangl also represents recognition of the stable progress and innovative strength demonstrated by WEB Windenergie AG over the years.
In good company    
Three prizes are awarded annually and apart from Andreas Dangl (bond market), Wolfgang Eder (voestalpine) won the ATX and Wolfgang Gerstenmayer (AT&S AG, circuit board manufacturer) the prime market categories. The awards were presented during an evening event at the Deloitte offices on 4 March 2015. In the photo, Andreas Dangl can be seen with his award, flanked by representatives from Deloitte.

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