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Two PV plants with joined the grid  

On the roof top of GDP a real estate comapny, two PV plants with 350 kWp joined the grid in Brunn, Gebirge.

"Though we had a winter construction site, with the mild winter work was able to be carried out according to plan," says the PV plants manager Thomas Elssenwenger.

Although pleased with PV plants and the timely grid connection, he is less pleased with the current PV situation in Austria: “the increase in import rates and lower tariffs, this could potentially be the last PV plant that W.E.B will establish.”

GDP real estate made available their roof areas, as the persons responsible liked the idea, that on their building clean green electricity could be generated and with it a little conventional, fossil-generated electricity could be pushed out of the market place.   

The official opening will take place on the 10th April as part of the WEB Investor’s day.

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