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Three storm fronts over Europe    

Currently three storm fronts are move over Germany and Austria, placing demand on the W.E.B-control center. So far, however, there has been no damage.

Three hurricanes are sweeping over Europe this week. In addition to Oscar and Mike, Nicolas is currently the most violent in Germany. Powerful waves turn up Northwest Germany's largest lake, Lake Steinhude in Wunstorf near Hanover. The wave height is remarkable as the lake measures an average depth of only 1.35 meters. Private measurements showed gale-force winds up to 132 kilometers per hour. The officially measured peak gust at the Wunstorf station is 109 km / h.

Immense storm damage has been reported in Hanover and Frankfurt am Main. In Munich, hurricanes gusts caused several glass roof plates to come crashing down onto the tracks at the main train station, the building was evacuated. Structural engineers are currently investigating whether parts of the roof are in danger of collapsing. The train service was stopped completely for safety reasons. In other parts of Bavaria, trains were also stopped because of the storm. In the Bavarian capital the gusts were sometimes so intense that even passers-by were knocked off their feet (see photo). The weather station in the middle of the city registered a hurricane gust of 119 kilometers per hour.

W.E.B’s control center has the situation under control, except for short, storm-related shutdowns in Germany and Austria, the current weather situation has no serious consequences for our power plants. A team of technicians will be dispatched today to Wörbzig (D) to perform minor repairs to two systems. In Horni Rasnice (CZ) trees toppled onto high-voltage lines, again this should also be cleared up this morning. The violent storms will continue intermittently over the coming days. We will keep you up to date with what happening.

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