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Hall construction progressing rapidly     

Ideal excavation conditions allows for a high degree of material utilisation.

During excavation of the new WEB-hall the contractors are faced with very workable subsoil. The so-called "soft rock" (Ground Class 6) is both good for the excavating and for load-bearing. The excavated materials are prepared onsite by means of a vibrating sieve (see photo). In one operation, the machine separates the excavated material into three fractions, which can be used by WEB and therefore is not liable for landfill costs.

For the backfill of the excavation fine grain material (grain size 0/32) is obtained, the middle fraction (gravel 30/50) as drainage gravel and the final fraction of  coarse rock is processed in a second operation using mobile crusher as an antifreeze material 0/63 and 0/32, which is then used to grit roads, forecourts and access roads.

This process brings both economic and environmental benefits. The excavated material must not be transported, so are not subjected to landfill and transportation costs. In addition, with WEB using their own resources they have had to buy very little ballast materials.

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