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Tesla presents power storage   

What Elon Musk (Tesla) tackles, usually always stirs up the respective industry.
This time it’s the electricity market's turn, Musk presented a battery revolution with significant impact potential!

One knew that on 1st May 2015 Tesla CEO Elon Musk would present the Tesla battery storage, but one did not know, what would happen next, turning the world upside down for both electricity producers, as well as car manufacturers. Musk introduced home batteries with a capacity of seven or ten kilowatt hours. That is enough to supply a household with electricity for about a day. With its sleek dimensions of 130 x 86 x 18 centimetres, a home owner can simply hang the 100 kilogram battery on the wall.

But the real deal is the price: The variant with ten kilowatt hours costs just $3,500 (about €3,100), and with seven $3,000 (3 kilowatt power at the top). In comparison, batteries with a ten kilowatt hour storage capacity cost in Germany about €9,000. With a price of around €3,000, the battery is nothing less than a revolution for the electricity market. At the moment, solar panels are extremely favourable to a homeowner – even in the evenings when there is no sun. Therefore in the future energy suppliers will sell significantly less electricity.

"This announcement by Tesla for me has enormous consequences on our industry. I will compare the historical value with the Austrian referendum to the  Zwentendorf Nuclear power plant." says CEO Andreas Dangl WEB appears impressed by the recent Tesla plans." On one hand, it supports our philosophy of decentralised energy systems and encourages the development of electric mobility. On the other hand, we must now consider exactly what the consequences are for our business " Dangl has announced a Task Force to quickly check and analyse the impact on WEB.   

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