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W.E.B nominated for TRIGOS    

WEB has been nominated for an Austrian TRIGOS award in the category "Holistic CSR engagement: Medium-sized enterprises."

The purpose of WEB alone is - the production of clean green power - already completely dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

But what is CSR:
The term describes the voluntary contribution of a business enterprise to a sustainable development, which goes beyond the legal requirements. CSR stands for the responsibility of corporate behaviour for their impacts on society, on issues of ecological relevance, to the relations with employees and the communication with the relevant contacts for the company and interest groups.

Once a year the renowned TRIGOS prize is awarded. The holistic engagement of the enterprises in social and environmental fields is assessed. The TRIGOS jury places great importance to the fact that enterprises which apply for the TRIGOS, not only set individual measures, but recognise its social responsibility as a business philosophy and integrate strategically in all areas of its activities.

This contributes significantly to the TRIGOS inventory of Corporate Social Responsibility in Austria.
Since 2004, once a year CSR pioneering companies from all over Austria are brought before the board.

Just the nomination is an honour. This year WEB has made it into the illustrious circle of the nominees. The prize is awarded at a gala on 2nd June.

Jury statement
With the production of renewable energy as the core business of WEB the ecological idea of wind energy is it’s purpose. The company's goal is a decentralised energy systems; the focus is on the construction and operation of wind farms, supplemented by photovoltaic and hydroelectric power.
As a major employer in the wood quarter, the company strengthens in an exemplary manner as a business location and makes every effort to place orders locally wherever possible. In addition, is placed on the innovative model of citizen participation. The company convinced the jury with its efforts to promote the awareness of energy transition and implement a large scale renewable energy. Wind, sun and water as raw materials turn out in this regard as ideal energy sources. 

Also, the jury praised the commitment in the field of electro mobility in Austria. The creation of a specific e-service stations infrastructure is regarded as pioneering and appreciative handling of its own employees.

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