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Austria’s first Hitachi hybrid excavators in use      

Electro mobility at W.E.B.’s building site.

Construction work on the new major components hall is progressing rapidly and even an Austrian premiere could be celebrated at W.E.B.’s headquarters in Pfaffenschlag: use of the first Hitachi hybrid excavator.
Though its excellent contacts the local construction company Litschauer from Arnolz was able to hire the hydraulic excavator ZH120-5 Hybrid. The first use of the hybrid excavator was the perfect fit at a green energy company’s building site. 

This hydraulic excavator is equipped with an additional electric motor, which makes the excess energy available for work again. Specifically, the kinetic energy resulted by braked pivoting movements is converted into electric energy and stored. The electric motor which supports the hydraulic system is then supplied. This sophisticated technology has the same work performance and efficiency, saving approximately 31% of fuel and protects the environment.

W.E.B. has many dealings with electro mobility, through the company's e-car fleet and the electric car charging stations by Ella. Now the hybrid excavator with its electric motor has entered the construction industry, W.E.B. is particularly proud to be part of this milestone.

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