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That was the 16th W.E.B AGM 

A good mood was tangible at the 16th AGM of WEB Windenergie AG. 

Not just because of the accomplished presentations of the Board of Directors, but also the extremely good interim results for 2015. 
The 16th AGM commenced punctually at 3.00p.m. and following the routine organizational and legal items, the three members of the Board of Directors presented their reports from the viewpoint of their respective, specialist areas with their customary eloquence and panache. Moreover, the Board did not merely provide a review of past events, but also exciting insights into what lies ahead. And as of now, this detailed information can be both seen and heard for four weeks via our Livestream.    

Following the agenda item “Questions for the Board of Directors”, the proceedings moved on to the resolutions. The stockholders concurred with all the suggestions of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors and a dividend of EUR 15 was determined (for details of the votes, please see the download).

The AGM was also supplemented by an attractive supporting programme, which commenced at 12.30 p.m. with an e-mobility show. This provided an opportunity to become acquainted with the premium class Tesla Model S car and details regarding the ongoing second capital increase of ELLA AG. In addition, at the W.E.B “green electricity” stand, information about the tariffs was available and as a guest, Ökostrom AG presented its PV mini-power plant module “Simon”.     


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