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Andreas Dangl Changes to the W.E.B Supervisory Board    

After more than 20 years on the Board of Directors, Andreas Dangl, current CEO of WEB Windenergie AG, will change to the W.E.B Supervisory Board in May 2016. Moreover, he will be mainly concerned with managing and further developing ELLA AG. In the future, W.E.B will be managed by the two members of the Board of Directors Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka.

“Recognizing the signs of the times and drawing the right conclusions is a core competence of entrepreneurial and corporate thinking,” Andreas Dangl comments the upcoming management change at W.E.B. “I am convinced that I will be more useful to W.E.B as part of the Supervisory Board as in my current function as CEO. I would like to spend all of my newly found time and resources to managing ELLA AG and to finally further develop the field of electromobility in all of Austria,” as Dangl explains.  
This means that Andreas Dangl will change from the Board of Directors to the W.E.B Supervisory Board on 1 May 2016. Frank Dumeier will become the next Chair of the Board of Directors and will manage W.E.B Windenergie with CFO Michael Trcka.   

“After more than 20 years in the wind business, W.E.B is heading in the right direction as recent results have also confirmed. I have always been a pioneer and the time has come to break new ground. Electromobility is just as fascinating as it is promising and I would like to invest more time and energy into this field. Not only the close ties between ELLA AG and W.E.B but also my new position on the Supervisory Board will make sure that I stay well connected and can continue contributing to the further development of the company,” Dangl concludes.     

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