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Sonja Zwazl, President of the Lower Austrian Economic Chamber, visits W.E.B

Accompanied by District Office Head Reinhart Blumberger, the President of the Regional Economic Chamber of Lower Austria, Sonja Zwazl, visited W.E.B.

Sonja Zwazl showed great interest in the many opportunities of renewable energy and was seemingly impressed after her visit to W.E.B. Based on recent developments in the field of wind energy and electromobility, CEO Andreas Dangl and Sonja Zwazl discussed various potential developments Lower Austrian businesses and W.E.B could benefit from. 
At Pfaffenschlag headquarters, the President of the Regional Economic Chamber of Lower Austria saw how qualified employees and cutting-edge technology are deployed to successfully manage an international company.  

Our picture shows Sonja Zwazl and Andreas Dangl with Economic Chamber District Office Head Reinhart Blumberger, W.E.B Head of Communications Gerald Simon as well as Martin Jahn and Mathias Dangl from headquarters. 

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