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20 years wind power plant Michelbach

Wind pioneers, W.E.B employees, residents of Michelbach and many other guests celebrated the 20th anniversary of our wind power plant Michelbach.  

The anniversary celebration “20 years wind power plant Michelbach” had everything from sentimental to spectacular: supported by the Austrian Wind Energy Association, W.E.B organized a highly attractive program catering to every taste and fancy and ranging from screw long throw to crane rides at 60 meters. The official part of the event began with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) anchorman Oliver Zeisberger interviewing a group of early wind pioneers spearheaded by Andreas Dangl and Mayor Hermann Rothbauer. Despite the overall festive mood, Andreas Dangl struck a rather critical note. Considering the upcoming, radical changes of the electricity market, he pointed out that W.E.B was well-advised to expand its business foundation. “Our power supply will definitely become more centralized. The high-pace development of storage technologies alone will lead to new regulations on the electricity market,” Dangl explained.    

Stefan Moidl, General Manager Austrian Wind Energy Association, gave the official speech. Moidl not only provided an overview of the current situation of wind energy in Austria but also considered future developments. “The Stone Age did not come to an end because human rans out of stones but because they had found something better”, as Moidl concluded, applying the same principle to the connection between renewable energy and fossil fuels.                         
The wonderful anniversary celebration ended with the stunts of an acrobat at 20 meters in the air (picture Astrid Knie) and a spectacular music laser show.  

See more pictures of the anniversary celebration

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