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Ground-breaking ceremony in Parbasdorf     

All good things come in threes in the Lower Austrian district of Gänserndorf: finally it was time for the ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion of Parbasdorf.

Once again, lots of prominent politicians and business VIPs attended this year’s third ground-breaking ceremony of W.E.B in the district of Gänserndorf. Mayor Gregor Iser and W.E.B CEO Andreas Dangl fired the starting pistol for expanding the current wind farm. In addition to the three plants with a total capacity of 1.8 MW, this next expansion stage comprises four more Vestas V112 turbines boasting a total capacity of 12.3 MW.

The new machines feature a hub height of 140 meters and a rotor diameter of 112 meters. They will be commissioned in 2016. The Parbasdorf wind farm will then be able to generate clean and green energy for more than 100,000 households, while saving 6,000 tons of CO2 per year.  

Also once again, W.E.B arrived with a new and very special green electricity package available to all municipalities with W.E.B power plants. Local residents are able to obtain clean “W.E.B-Grünstrom” at a particularly low price – and of course also for their homes.   

The picture shows from left to right: Arnold Kainz (W.E.B), Markus Hansi (GR Parbasdorf), Friedrich Quirgst (Bgm. Deutsch-Wagram), Michael Tröster (GGR, leicht verdeckt), Vizebürgermeister Martin Zehetbauer (Raasdorf), Vizebürgermeisterin Susanne Hegyi (Parbasdorf), Matthias Weiss, Bürgermeister Gregor Iser (Parbasdorf), Martin Zimmermann (AR W.E.B), GR Gottfried Tröster (Parbasdorf), Markus Weiss (W.E.B-Projektant), Andreas Dangl (W.E.B-Vorstand), Tina Handler (Leyrer & Graf), Bgm. Georg Weichand  (Großhofen), GGR Leopold Regner (Parbasdorf), Daniela Dolkowski (Vestas), Siegfried Geisendorfer (Leyrer & Graf), Gisbert Tüchler (W.E.B) 

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