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Prestigious Award for W.E.B Business Report 2014       

Prestigious Award for W.E.B Business Report 2014

The W.E.B Business Report 2014 ranked second in the category “non-listed companies” at the renowned Austrian Public Reporting Award (APRA). 

The Austrian Public Reporting Award (APRA) is Austria’s most important distinction for outstanding corporate reporting and goes to the best business areas of both listed and non-listed companies as well as public sector bodies and NGOs.  
W.E.B (represented by Mathias Dangl, MAS) was awarded 2nd place in the category “non-listed companies” at the prestigious APRA Gala with leading business and industry representatives at Palais Todesco. 

Participating company reports are ranked based on a sophisticated model to evaluate consistency, transparency and credibility in corporate reporting. In the course of the two-stage selection process, the first step is a detailed analysis for completeness and validity of a company’s financial data conducted by the Controller Institut. Only then is it possible to advance to the second stage, where the business report is evaluated by experts from the fields of financial analysis and investment, shareholder protection, CSR, corporate governance, infographic and content as well as layout and design.       

W.E.B Head of Communications Gerald Simon: “W.E.B has been placing great importance not only on its well-founded annual business report but also on financial reporting in accordance with international standards, comprehensive information, and transparent company presentation for a long time. We are particularly proud to receive an APRA recognizing our high quality standards.
(Image (c) Matthias Heschl)

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