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W.E.B Gets State-of-the-Art Company Charging Station 

Together with ELLA, W.E.B is building the most modern and largest company charging station and northernmost quick charging facility in Austria.

Recently the ground-breaking ceremony took place on the W.E.B premises to build the biggest and most advanced company charging station in Austria, including an integrated office building for ELLA AG. “20 electricity charging stations will exist in the future at the joint ELLA and WEB Windenergie AG facility. It will be available to guests and employees“, says a pleased W.E.B CEO Andreas Dangl who is also on the Management Board of ELLA. The northernmost quick charging facility in Austria will also be set up at the same site in Pfaffenschlag. The charging station will be fed with company’s own photovoltaic production, and will be available stating at the end of October.

Following the tax reform of 2016, which makes electromobility very attractive for companies, a lot is happening at the present time with respect to the expansion of charging stations and e-mobility in Austria. “I am convinced that by the end of 2016, one will be able to reach any point in Austria with electricity from quick charging stations. ELLA AG will play a major role in this”, says CEO Dangl, who optimistically looks ahead to the future.

The second capital increase of ELLA AG is currently taking place. Investors with a pioneer spirit can purchase a stake in ELLA AG before the end of October at very favorable conditions.

Our photo shows, from l. to r.: W.E.B CEO and ELLA Management Board Member Andreas Dangl, W.E.B COO Frank Dumeier, W.E.B CFO Michael Trcka, ELLA Supervisory Board Member Fritz Herzog and the two W.E.B Supervisory Board Members Josef Schweighofer and Stefan Bauer.

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