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Prestigious Award for W.E.B Business Report

The W.E.B Business Report stood alone on the top of the trend AAA (Austrian Annual Report Award) in the category "non-listed companies".

This year, W.E.B was able to reap one of the most prestigious Austrian awards companies can get for their annual business report. Founded more than a quarter of a century ago, the trend AAA was presented at the annual conference of C.I.R.A. (Cercle Investor Relations Austria) at Sofitel Vienna.

While the trend band played "Wind of Change", CEO Andreas Dangl and Head of Communications Gerald Simon accepted the great honor. Dangl expressed his gratitude to all those who had contributed to winning this award and pointed out that the trend AAA confirmed the excellent work of W.E.B, particularly in financial aspects.
The trend jury evaluated all business reports according to editorial design, business administration, layout, and sustainability. W.E.B won in the category "non-listed companies" and even outpaced the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB. In the category “listed companies”, Post AG ranked No 1.  

This is already the second award for the W.E.B Business Report 2014 after ranking second at the renowned Austrian Public Reporting Award (APRA). 

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