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W.E.B Third-Quarter 2015 Results

Excellent results due to our growth course and head start in production – strongest increases in revenue in Canada and Austria.

So far, the year 2015 has been good to W.E.B in terms of generating renewable energy. This positive trend is reflected in outstanding results. Primarily from January to April, strong winds ensured a comfortable production plus that easily cushioned the weaker wind conditions of this year’s record summer. 

The third quarterly report 2015 shows revenues amounting to EUR 49 million, a rise of 26 per cent compared to the same period in 2014. This also means that W.E.B has already outperformed its annual revenues of 2013 in the third quarter of 2015. Moreover, EBT of EUR 10.2 million and earnings per share of EUR 24.5 are 50% higher than in the previous year.
Aside from favorable wind conditions, our newly commissioned power plants contributed to this improvement in results as well – a wonderful validation of our growth strategy. We will continue to expand promising sites and already have ten more sites in Austria, Canada, France, and Germany under construction.     

Download the detailed quarterly report in German here

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