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W.E.B is a Climate Alliance enterprise   

The next logical step towards climate protection: W.E.B has been officially accepted as a member enterprise of the Climate Alliance.

After all the recent awards and prizes for climate protection efforts, W.E.B has also been accepted onto the official list of Climate Alliance member enterprises.         
The Climate Alliance is a global climate protection network. More than 1,600 cities, towns and municipalities from 20 European countries build a partnership with indigenous organizations in the Amazon. Among the network’s goals is the reduction of climate-damaging emissions in Europe. Aside from member cities, towns and municipalities, Climate Alliance Austria also includes businesses, schools, and kindergartens. 

The official W.E.B admission event recently took place at Pfaffenschlag in the presence of Peter Molnar, Director of Climate Alliance Austria, Climate Alliance consultant Bernhard Holzbauer, the entire W.E.B Board of Directors, and W.E.B Head of Communications Gerald Simon.

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