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Sissi Großmann - WEB Windenergie AG
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Sissi Großmann    

Projectleader new energy germany 

W.E.B assignments: 

  • Development of wind power projects from site search and assessment through the approval procedures and construction to commissioning    

Company member since: 

December 2015     


  • Diploma in geography at the University of Göttingen

  • Energy manager at the conenergy academy (IHK certificate) 


Professional experience: 

  • 2 years at JUWI
  • 3 years at Green City Energy 

Personal Credo:

  • Think globally - act locally. Everyone can make a difference.

Telefon: +49 40 350 19 954
Mobil: +49 172 534 94 01
WEB Windenergie AG   
Davidstraße 1, A-3834 Pfaffenschlag, Phone: +43 2848 6336, Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,, 
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