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Bond increase     

Bond issue proceeding well – target volume of EUR 15 million already accomplished. There will be another bond increase but of which value has not been defined yet.     

“High time to repot your money!” It seems that many investors took this slogan seriously because the current W.E.B bond issue has already been very successful. The target volume of EUR 15 million was reached more than two weeks before the end of the subscription period. In accordance with the final terms of the bond issue, W.E.B has the right to increase the total nominal value. The W.E.B Board of Directors has decided to exercise this right and increase the volume – the precise value has not been determined yet, though. 

Nevertheless, we would like to ask everybody interested in subscribing to a W.E.B bond to do it soon. If the bond stays as popular as it is now, it may be possible for the increased volume to reach its limit pursuant to the final terms and brochure prior to the end of the subscription period (14 December 2015). In this case, the issuer will be forced to exercise the right of reducing or rejecting subscription applications.   

This news release serves advertising purposes. W.E.B. published the final terms of this issue as well as a brochure notified in Germany and in accordance with the Austrian Capital Market Act (KMG) which investors may obtain free of charge either at or personally at WEB Windenergie AG, Davidstraße 1, 3834 Pfaffenschlag during normal business hours. The offer of debentures is exclusively made by means and on the basis of the brochure.   

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