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Spannberg II connected to the grid    

W.E.B has been busy once again: the first power plant at Spannberg has already been connected to the grid. All four turbines will be put in operation by the start of the week.

"Although the conditions were particularly difficult, our team’s great effort and commitment has made it possible for us to still connect Spannberg II to the grid in 2015. I would like to thank everybody for their fantastic job," as W.E.B Head of Project Development Austria Arnold Kainz explains his satisfaction with the project. 
The first power plant has already been connected to the grid; the remaining three will follow this weekend. Therefore, Spannberg’s new total capacity amounts to 18.3 MW. The four new 3 MW Vestas V112 turbines will save more than 25,000 tons of CO2 per year – corresponding to the strategic path of W.E.B as the winner of the Climate Protection Award 2015 and member enterprise of the Climate Alliance.  

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