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Online petition: “Shaping the future – stopping nuclear power”       

W.E.B supports the oekostrom AG campaign against the planned NPP Paks in Hungary.

With March 11 marking the fifth anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, oekostrom AG has launched an online petition against the planned construction of two additional reactor units at Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant located just 180 kilometers (about 110 miles) from the Austrian border.   
The expansion of Paks would increase Hungary’s nuclear generating capacity by roughly one third to 75 percent. This also means that cheaper and subsidized nuclear power would be imported to Austria – with significant consequences for the Austrian electricity market. Not to mention the risk of a reactor accident or the still unanswered question of safe methods for the final disposal of radioactive waste.        
W.E.B supports this campaign because we advocate a sustainable energy supply from renewable sources without harmful effects on nature and human health.

Follow this link to find the petition “Shaping the future – stopping nuclear power” – against the planned expansion of the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant and for a nuclear-free future both for Austria and its neighboring countries! 

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