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In defiance of the weather god: two plants at Weener wind farm connected to the grid  

Work was not easy for the construction crew at Weener wind farm (Germany) in the last few weeks:

While transports had to struggle with icy roads, the cable work could not continue due to flooded soil, and strong wind gusts temporarily prevented the installation of rotor blades. In defiance of the weather god, the first two power plants were recently connected to the power grid. Each of the Enercon E92 turbines with rotor blades at 84.5 meters boasts an installed capacity of 2.35 MW.

W.E.B and partners invest MEUR 40

Seven more Enercon E101 turbines (each 3.05 MW) with a hub height of 135 meters are in an advanced stage of construction and will be commissioned in the weeks to come. Located in East Frisia, Germany, Weener wind farm is a so-called repower project.  

This means that an established wind farm is modernized and its rather old power plants replaced. In cooperation with four other plant operators, W.E.B invests almost EUR 40 million at Weener. WEB Windenergie AG holds an indirect share of 16.6 % and is responsible for smooth technical and commercial operations at the wind farm. The project was developed by Dritte Nord-West-Wind GmbH & Co. KG.

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