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Great weather and prominent politicians at the anniversary celebration of W.E.B    

Last Saturday, 16 April 2016, W.E.B invited everybody to the anniversary celebration on the occasion of “10 years Wind Farm Auersthal & Opening Ceremony Auersthal II”.

The two new plants add another 4 MW and increase the installed capacity of the Auersthal wind farm to a total of 24 MW. The farm is located in one of Austria’s best wind regions, generates green energy for more than 17,500 households, and saves about 41,000 tons of CO2.   
More than 300 guests followed the invitation and enjoyed not only the great weather but also many different attractions for all ages. In his celebratory speech, W.E.B COO Frank Dumeier emphasized the importance of renewable energy. “Climate change does exist, and as we have seen at the World Climate Change Conference in Paris, the whole world has begun to recognize it. The only way to achieve our goals is by working together. This is exactly what we have been doing at the market town of Auersthal for many years now. After all, our excellent relationship has led to many pioneering accomplishments. Energy transition does work, which is why W.E.B was presented with the Climate Protection Award just last year,” as Frank Dumeier explains.   
In the last few years, the power plants of W.E.B provided more than 500,000 people with green energy. All Austrian towns with W.E.B plants have another special and by now very popular advantage: local residents are able to obtain clean “W.E.B-Grünstrom” at a particularly low price.    

On the picture (from left to right):
Andreas Hager (Wirtschaftskammerobmann Gänserndorf), Markus Weiss (W.E.B), KR Karl Bock (Pfarrer Auersthal), Mag. Marianne Rickl-List (BGM Gr. Schweinbarth), Frank Dumeier (Technikvorstand W.E.B), Christa Eichinger (BGM Prottes), Ferdinand Fürhacker (Altbürgermeister Auersthal), René Lobner (BGM Gänserndorf, Landtagsabgeordneter NÖ), Ing. Erich Hofer (BGM Auersthal), Ing. Hermann Schultes (Nationalratsabgeordneter, Präsident der Landwirtschaftskammer), Mag. Wolfgang Merkatz (Bezirkshauptmann-Stellvertreter Gänserndorf), Amrita Enzinger (Landtagsabgeordnete), Rudolf Plessl (BGM Untersiebenbrunn, Nationalratsabgeordneter), Werner Kurz (Vizebürgermeister Schönkirchen Reyersdorf)

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