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Austrian wind energy pioneer W.E.B continues to grow      

2015: Significant increases in production, sales, and results | excellent plant availability | continuous plant expansion | international growth on successful path | entry into U.S. market

Vienna/Pfaffenschlag, 3 May 2015. The new CEO of Austria’s wind power pioneer WEB Windenergie AG (W.E.B), Frank Dumeier, opened today’s Annual Results Press Conference by saying, “2015 has been the best year in the history of our company. The trend towards clean, climate-neutral energy production from renewable resources still continues – a trend that has just recently been confirmed by such a thing as the World Climate Change Conference in Paris – which also confirms our business model. After all, wind energy will play a major role in the production of energy in the course of the transition to a CO2-neutral world. The resolutions adopted in Paris will allow us to stay busy for the next 30 years. Who else is able to claim something similar for their business model?”

Significant increase in growth 2015

Founded in 1995, W.E.B has not only become the largest Austrian citizen participation company in the field of renewable energy but successfully promotes the energy transition as an international enterprise in Europe, Canada and, most recently, also the United States of America. In 2015, the company moved up a gear in all relevant indicators: the generation of green energy increased by 16.5 percent to a record of 718.2 GWh corresponding to the consumption of more than 205,000 households. Against this backdrop, sales grew by 23.3 percent to MEUR 66.6, the operative result improved by 30.1 percent to MEUR 21.5, and the consolidated result (after taxes) climbed 32.2 percent to MEUR 9.3.     
In consequence, W.E.B will propose to increase the dividend from EUR 15 to EUR 20 at the Annual General Meeting on 3 June 2016. As CFO Michael Trcka explains, “This encouraging growth trend is based on several excellent reasons: first, our increases in production, which we primarily owe to our professional operations management and the resulting record availability of our facilities. Secondly, we once again connected new plants of a total of 39 MW to the grid in Austria and Canada last year. And thirdly, we constantly strive to optimize all our processes, which is reflected in the disproportionate increase rates of our earnings figures.”

International growth course

In a nutshell, W.E.B stays on growth course as planned. After its first steps in Austria, W.E.B soon began to expand its activities to Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The French and Canadian markets were opened in the next phase. Another decisive step in this direction was the new W.E.B project in Maine, U.S. in 2015. Frank Dumeier continues, “Our international position comes with a very favorable diversification of risk because we are able to compensate for various meteorological situations. Moreover, our extensive experience and competent team enable us to optimally exploit both local and funding conditions. In this regard, the aspect of citizen participation – one of our central approaches since day one – continues to play a vital role.”

Citizen participation and a broad ownership base

Although W.E.B is not a listed company, it is proud to always keep in touch with its about 3,700 shareholders. The same is true for its approximately 1,600 bond investors. In 2010, W.E.B set another financing example and issued Austria’s first wind power bond, followed by the country’s first wind power hybrid bond in 2014. As Michael Trcka explains, “Once again 2015 proved to be a successful year in terms of our three bond issues, which generated more than MEUR 22 for the continuous expansion of our power plant portfolio.”

Consequent expansion

The expansion of our power plant portfolio keeps taking moderate yet consequent steps. W.E.B currently operates 15 projects in Austria, Germany, France, Canada, and the U.S. These projects will raise the number of plants from 219 to 265, with an installed capacity increase from currently 338 MW to 426 MW. Furthermore, W.E.B examines about 70 further projects in all its markets and seeks to add about 50 MW on average per year.    

Awarded performance

In 2015, several prestigious awards – including the special category “Energy Transition Company” of the Austrian Climate Protection Award, two renowned reporting awards, and the renewed position on the list “Excellent Austrian Companies” – provided external evidence that W.E.B successfully realizes its vision: professionally assuming a leading role in the implementation of the energy transition.


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