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Handover at Pfaffenschlag        

Marking the various changes at W.E.B with the beginning of May, the company’s employees and Andreas Dangl took a last step back to reminisce about where they started – and a step into the future with the two-man Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka. 

Everything is new in May: this is also true of W.E.B this year. Andreas Dangl left the W.E.B Board of Directors in April. The experienced board members, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, have been managing W.E.B as a two-man Board of Directors since the beginning of May. Marking this profound change, CEO Dumeier and CFO Trcka invited all employees to meet Andreas Dangl and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Josef Schweighofer.      
(Image: Frank Dumeier, Andreas Dangl, Josef Schweighofer, and Michael Trcka drink to the future of W.E.B.)

In his speech, Andreas Dangl talked about his early beginnings in wind energy, the obstacles he had to overcome some 20 years ago, and his decision to leave his former job behind to fully focus on wind energy. His look into the future is accompanied by a wink and a chuckle, “It looks as if my next stop is in the auto industry. Who would have ever thought this was possible? This is where clean energy is needed in the future.”
(Image: Josef Schweighofer presents Andreas Dangl with a farewell present by all employees: a small souvenir from the Michelbach project where everything started.)

Josef Schweighofer thanked the company’s founder for his work and collaboration on behalf of the W.E.B Supervisory Board, “We have known each other for more than 15 years, sat in over 100 board meetings, and went through a lot together. As a true visionary, you relentlessly stayed true to the cause. You have shaped the lives of many people and our current W.E.B team would not exist without you. We would like to wish you all the best for your new pioneering task at ELLA AG.” Frank Dumeier thanked Andreas Dangl for the company’s formative years as well, “It is an honor to follow in your footsteps. Michael Trcka and I already promised you to continue managing W.E.B according to its roots and values. Nevertheless, I would like to reaffirm this promise one last time.” Dumeier also mentioned a few concrete goals for the future, “Our next target is to produce one terawatt hour of energy, meaning 1,000 gigawatt hours, per year.” In line with the citizen participation approach, W.E.B will also launch a “rose program for shareholders”: “We would like to offer our shareholders an even better opportunity to exchange information and opinions with us, for example in extended fireside chats or other new measures.”                     

Michael Trcka summarized last year’s excellent results and pointed out that, “The momentum that defines W.E.B would not be possible without the employee’s commitment and extraordinary achievements.” W.E.B will stay on its moderate growth path in the years to come. “Economic developments have shown that we need both a critical mass and a balanced portfolio to ensure the lasting success of W.E.B.”    
His very personal gift to Andreas Dangl: wine from the Kamptal region. “After all, I would have never moved to Waldviertel region without you and W.E.B.” 

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