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Blizzard in Nova Scotia    

First storm to test W.E.B plants in Canada

During the night from 26 to 27 March 2014, an unusually strong storm hit windy Nova Scotia. Right at the very beginning of operation, the W.E.B plants at Little River, Parker Mountain and Saint Rose were put to their first serious test.  
The storm with wind speeds of up to 100 mph and half a meter of fresh snow due to heavy snowfall posed a significant challenge to the region.

Trees were toppled by the storm and defect power lines forced tens of thousands of households to endure hours without electricity. Schools were closed and flights diverted for safety reasons. Snowdrifts ensured additional chaos, while streets and highways were virtually impassable for a long time.  
Automatic safety shutdowns kept the W.E.B wind power plants out of harm’s way. Further blackouts in Nova Scotia caused breaks in production.    
After the storm center had moved on to Newfoundland, power production could be resumed. While Canadian authorities are still cleaning up and repairing any damage, the region is back on track to normality and W.E.B wind power plants are again producing clean energy. The plants have mastered their first performance test and as this was probably the last blizzard of the season according to weather forecasts, they looking forward to routine operation.  



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