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Photovoltaic systems connected to the grid in Laa an der Thaya      

Photovoltaic systems connected to the grid in Laa an der Thaya

A total of three photovoltaic systems were successfully put into operation on 13 May 2016.

W.E.B continues its course of relying on solar power: as the Weinviertel region is full of ideal locations for photovoltaic systems, three such systems boasting a total capacity of 498 kWp were built and already commissioned in Laa an der Thaya.

All three solar plants are installed on the roofs of Hans Brantner & Sohn Ges.m.b.H. and will supply the company itself with clean energy upon expiry of the feed-in tariff. 

The recently founded WEB Photovoltaik AG & Co KG played a major role in the development of these PV systems and operates them in a joint venture with Ökosol KG; W.E.B holds a share of 70 percent.  

Further joint projects are already in the pipeline to ensure the continued expansion of photovoltaic systems in the future.

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