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Taking a giant leap towards environmentally aware living     

Taking a giant leap towards environmentally aware living

Internationally pioneering model house runs on renewable energy by W.E.B

At first sight, House H seems to be an average single-family home located in the district of Hollabrunn, Lower Austria. However, it is a unique model house with innovative technology hidden behind its façade.
The thermal activation of the building’s concrete components opens up a whole new range of opportunities for storing energy that is generated by W.E.B wind power plants. The excellent heat storage capacity of concrete makes it possible to feed in great amounts of energy for short periods of time.   

In consequence, the generated wind energy is used more efficiently, especially when there is a surplus of energy. On the other hand, the stored energy lasts for up to seven days to bridge shorter periods without energy from renewable sources. House H is the first project to combine these two technologies – component activation and energy storage for wind energy; the prototype will be field tested over the next two years.

“Storing energy plays a vital role in successfully accomplishing the energy transition. This project demonstrates that commitment and pioneering spirit can take us a long way,” as Frank Dumeier stated with lots of optimism when opening the house. Moreover, the CEO of WEB Windenergie AG explained to his project partners and the audience how the house was supplied with wind energy.       

Breaking new ground in the field of smart grids and smart building technologies, the project is part of the research program “City of the Future” managed by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.  

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