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First quarterly report 2016

First quarterly report 2016

The first quarter of 2016 boasts an increase of two percent in sales revenue compared to the record-breaking first quarter of the previous year. Newly commissioned plants balanced the weak results of January and March.

Although the wind conditions could not keep up with the same period in 2015, sales revenue still reached the same high level of MEUR 20. This two-percent increase in revenue is primarily based on the power plants commissioned in Canada last year and this year’s better wind conditions in France. 

The overall production of energy stayed below target in January and March. In contrast, record production results ensured increases in revenue in the first quarter of the previous year. In Austria, however, the wind farms Auersthal II and Spannberg II were commissioned in December 2015 and almost balanced the losses of existing wind farms.

The first quarterly report shows sales amounting to EUR 19.5 million, a rise of 27 per cent as compared to the same period in 2014. At EUR 7.5 million, EBT also demonstrated a marked increase of 74 per cent over the EUR 4.3 million of the previous year.

As a result of additional operating costs and depreciation for new power plants, the EBT of MEUR 6.4 could not match the MEUR 7.5 of the previous year. 

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