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Great interest in the 17th W.E.B Annual General Meeting

Great interest in the 17th W.E.B Annual General Meeting

The key issues of the 17th Annual General Meeting of WEB Windenergie AG were the election to the Supervisory Board and a look back on the successful year of 2015.

Following the invitation to the supporting program at Pfaffenschlag, many shareholders arrived around noon to take a look at the converted company headquarters and marvel at both the site and the work of the W.E.B team.

The town hall of Waidhofen/Thaya was already filled to capacity, when the Annual General Meeting started in the early afternoon. After the Chairman of the Supervisory Board had welcomed the more than 400 W.E.B shareholders, it was time for the presentation of the two-man Board of Directors: CEO Frank Dumeier and CFO Michael Trcka took a step back to the record year 2015 and illustrated to the shareholders how both strategic planning and the focused work of the entire team had enabled the company to accomplish this positive development. Needless to say, they also outlined their vision of the company’s future and explained the ambitious goals of W.E.B.    

The subsequent Q&A session demonstrated how much the company means to the shareholders of W.E.B. Audience questions paved the way for an interesting and intense debate that allowed the shareholders to find out even more about the company’s goals and everyday work.

The subsequent voting process included the resolution in favor of the proposed dividend of EUR 20 per share. As the term of office of the members of the Supervisory Board – Josef Schweighofer, Stefan Bauer and Martin Zimmermann – expired with this Annual General Meeting, their positions had to be filled. Although there were opposing candidates as well, a vast majority of shareholders once again placed their trust in the previous Supervisory Board and extended their term of office. For this reason, the W.E.B Supervisory Board is composed of the members appointed at the Annual General Meeting – Josef Schweighofer, Reinhard Schanda, Stefan Bauer, and Martin Zimmermann – as well as the delegated member Andreas Dangl. The participation of shareholders was particularly gratifying, as it had increased by 30 percent compared to the previous year. 
Find all the voting results of the 17th AGM by following this link.

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