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W.E.B Crosses the 300 MW Line

The plant at Parker Mountain has been connected

Another historic date in W.E.B history: when the second Canadian machine, this time at Parker Mountain, was connected to the power grid, W.E.B reached a total production capacity of 300 MW. This achievement is particularly significant because it was presented in a brochure on long-term corporate growth at an information event on 6 October 2000. In the brochure, however, this goal was projected for the year 2015 (see original chart). 

This historic success clearly proves the serious planning of those in charge at W.E.B as well as the company’s stable growth. The same becomes even more evident, when we compare the other parameters listed on the chart with our current parameters, e.g. see power production, employees or revenue.
“We are very pleased that W.E.B was able to reach this goal much sooner than we had planned. At the same time, our success is also a mandate to continue our responsible work in the interests of our shareholders, employees and the environment,” as CEO Andreas Dangl happily comments on this new W.E.B milestone.            

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