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Here we go....

W.E.B has begun power production in Canada  

Sometimes it is bitterly disappointing when you have painstakingly done all your homework and then schools are closed due to bad weather or your teacher does not line your voluntary extra decoration. W.E.B was confronted with quite a similar situation in Canada. Although the grid connection could have already been established before Christmas on our part, the time has finally come! The first Canadian power plant of W.E.B located at Saint Rose is on the power grid. The plant operates a machine of the Vestas 2 MW class.
The final steps were accompanied by enormous meteorological challenges. Aside from unusually cold weather, two ice storms swept across Nova Scotia and kept the local grid operator Nova Scotia Power extremely busy. In consequence, the grid connection of our plants was set back several times. In addition, we had to deal with smaller administrative delays but that is just the way it is with new partnerships and processes that are not fully automated yet. W.E.B was able to learn a lot from these first experiences and will certainly put them into practice for all 2014 projects. With the right lessons learned, we will develop routines for the future and get our power plants on the grid much faster. 
In the end, all went well and we are now expecting our plants at Little River and Parker Mountain to be connected to the grid within the next two weeks without delay. Based on the last erratic weather conditions in Nova Scotia, we have at least come to a positive conclusion: there’s enough wind in the region! Chairman of the Board Andreas Dangl even expects the Canadian plant locations to become the best wind power plant locations of W.E.B. in the future. 

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