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Largest plants in W.E.B history connected to the grid

Subheading: Phase 1 of the Glaubitz repowering project successfully completed.

3.3 MW capacity, 138 meters hub height, and 12,462 m2 of surface to generate energy – this is the impressive basic information of the two Vestas V126, the largest plants in W.E.B history. The plant completion also concludes the first of two phases of the repowering project in Glaubitz. Last Monday, Plant No 1 generated its first kWh, just to be followed by the second one; both plants were successfully put into operation.

Repowering means that the old plants were dismantled and replaced by new and more powerful ones. This renewal is particularly impressive in Glaubitz: each of the new Vestas V126 turbines, the first of their type in the German federal state of Saxony, generates about 10,000 MWh per year. The previous plants generated 1,000 MWh each. Therefore, the repowering project increased the energy production per plant tenfold. Four V52 plants had to make way for the two new turbines. The old plants were sold to developers in England, Italy and Poland on the second-hand market.   

Phase 2 is making progress as well: another two V126 plants will soon be built. The old plants have already been dismantled and the new foundations are expected to be completed by the end of next week. If everything works out according to plan, the plant components will be delivered in October as the last step before the start of construction. 

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