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Energy Transition in Jeopardy?  

About the fireside chat at Katsdorf

Following pressure from industry, the European Commission is watering down its climate goals, while we have to experience questionable statements in the media (“The end of the energy transition”, Die Presse) and by protagonists of the “old” energy world (Verbund Chairman Anzengruber refers to a blood trail of the energy transition) – the old world of fossil energy suppliers as well as those parts of industry whose economic activity comes at the expense of future generations are pulling out all the stops against the new energy transition.

On the occasion of a fireside chat with W.E.B shareholders at Katsdorf (near Linz), Andreas Dangl and Frank Dumeier of the W.E.B Board of Directors commented on this development and, at the same time, demonstrated their strong will and determination to continue their ambitions towards the energy transition.
In addition, the Prokon insolvency (a German renewable energy company) contributes to a mood swing in the media against the energy transition. Although they also offered citizen participation (for detailed information see our last newsletter), their business model is clearly different from our own. “My 20 years of experience in this sector tell me that both approval and skepticism always spread in waves. While everybody was in favor of the energy transition after Fukushima, for example, we are now detecting an obvious countertrend. I have found myself in similar wave troughs several times already. We will not be deterred because we know that the path towards a 100 percent energy transition by 2050 is not only the right but also the socially urgently required path,” Andreas Dangl explains confidently.  
W.E.B. has become so much more than just a producer of electricity. Needless to say, power production remains the core business successfully managed by W.E.B. Moreover and completely in line with their vision of playing a key role in the energy transition, W.E.B is always concerned with pioneering concepts related to all areas of the energy transition. W.E.B Green Energy and E-Mobility are just two of them. This approach also meets with broad W.E.B shareholder approval – as the feedback, also on the occasion of the fireside chat at Katsdorf, shows time and again. “The development cannot be reversed. Fossil energy sources are finite, while nuclear sources are too dangerous. If we want future generations to grow up in a world that is worth living, renewable energy is the only way,” as CTO Dumeier comes straight to the point.          


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