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Grand opening of Weener wind farm

Commissioned in late June, the wind farm was officially opened on 23 September 2016.

People in German East Frisia like to celebrate, which was demonstrated by the great number of visitors attending the grand opening of the Weener wind farm. In cooperation with several other plant operators, W.E.B completely modernized the wind farm in the last few months. In the course of the repowering project, the old plants were replaced by new ones. The state-of-the-art wind farm comprises two Enercon E92 turbines with rotor blades at 84.5 meters and seven Enercon E101 turbines with a hub height of 135 meters. The new plants boast a total capacity of 26.05 MW, corresponding to renewable energy for more than 21,000 households per year. WEB Windenergie AG is in charge of the wind farm’s operations management.

The project is the result of excellent cooperation between all partners. The city of Weener with Mayor Ludwig Sonnenberg, project planners, regional companies, and the operators were essential elements in the successful implementation of the project. 

The opening ceremony also showcased the project’s great importance to the regional creation of value, which in turn could be seen in the happy faces of all the guests. 

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