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First wind power plant finished at Pisgah Mountain

Construction work at the “Pisgah Mountain” wind farm, the first US-American wind farm in W.E.B history, is progressing well.

In the history of WEB Windenergie AG, the state of Maine in the northeastern USA plays a very special role as home of the first W.E.B wind farm in the United States of America.
Construction work commenced last December and on Friday, 7 October 2016, the first of five wind power plants was completed. WEB Windenergie AG keeps relying on tried-and-tested Vestas technology in the United States as well. Each of the five Vestas V90 turbines boasts an installed capacity of 1.815 MW. The wind farm with a total capacity of 9.075 MW is planned to go into operation this year. Therefore, W.E.B will be soon generating clean electricity in a total of seven countries on two continents.    

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