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Austrian Federal Forests rely on W.E.B know-how

WEB Windenergie AG takes over the operations management at Pretul Wind Farm

In the last few months, Austrian Federal Forests got a highly impressive project up and running. Just ten months was all it took for them to build 14 wind power plants with a total capacity of 42 MW in the Styrian Pretulalpe Mountain Range. As of November 2016, W.E.B will be responsible for the operations management of the new wind farm.

As the Austrian Federal Forests were interested in ensuring smooth operations of the power plants on the Pretulalpe Mountain Range, they were looking for a company that could take over the wind farm’s technical operations management. WEB Windenergie AG was ultimately able to convince them with know-how and international experience, which paved to way for the promising cooperation between Austrian Federal Forests and W.E.B.

“W.E.B was able to prove both nationally and internationally that its operations management approach ensures high plant availability, and completely won us over with its strategic and operational objectives,” as Robert Nusser, CEO of Windpark Pretul GmbH, explains. 

This project once more demonstrates that renewable energy sources play an increasingly important role in the overall supply of energy. The wind farm generates about 84 GWh of clean electricity, which corresponds to 22,000 households. “Wind energy can and will be a central pillar of our energy supply in the future. We are more than happy that the Austrian Federal Forests set such a great example, and even more delighted that they entrust the operations management of the wind farm to W.E.B,” W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier expresses his satisfaction about the two companies working together in the future.

In terms of selecting the right power plants for this project, Austrian Federal Forests had to take the difficult winter weather conditions on the Pretulalpe Mountain Range into account. In consequence, they chose wind power plants of the type Enercon E-82 E4, as they are particularly well suited for such climatic conditions and were originally developed for plant sites with strong winds. The turbines feature a hub height of 78 meters with rotor blades of 82 meters in diameter. Operating the wind farm will save up to 74,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, thus taking another important step towards the decentralized energy transition. 

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