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Les Gourlus: Four out of Twelve Plants in Operation

Three-level commissioning of the largest wind farm in W.E.B history successfully started

Friday morning, we received a message from France that the first four power plants at the wind farm Gourlus had been producing electricity since Thursday, 24 November 2016, 5 pm. The gradual commissioning process is necessary due to the three transfer stations that need to be separately connected to the grid. If everything goes according to plan, the largest wind farm in W.E.B history will successfully generate clean energy with twelve Siemens DD 113 3.2 MW power plants and a total capacity of 38.4 MW in just a few weeks.

W.E.B found and secured an excellent wind location in the Champagne region of France, a fact that became crystal clear during the construction work of the assembly crew. The last steps of the construction process had to be stopped several times due to strong winds. Needless to say, we consider this to be a positive sign for the future production of electricity at the wind farm Les Gourlus.

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