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W.E.B is part of Green Brands 2016/2017

Acknowledgement of the environmental responsibility of WEB Windenergie AG

How environmentally friendly and sustainable is a company? This question is answered by the expert jury of Green Brands. W.E.B participated in this year’s validation process and already produced excellent results at the first go. Last Monday in the evening, W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier and W.E.B CFO Michael Trcka had the privilege of accepting the award at the Green Brands Gala at Palais Eschenbach in Vienna, and were visibly proud of their success.

“According to our understanding, we are committed both to assume a leading role in the energy transition and, in consequence, to consciously face up to our environmental responsibility. It is great to see that our work finds such approval, which also means that we are on the right path,” as Frank Dumeier expressed his enthusiasm for the award. Michael Trcka took pleasure in this success as well: “W.E.B keeps confronting new challenges time and again. After all, working in the field of renewable energy bears many challenges. For this reason, we see tremendous value in regularly facing a validation process and having external experts, such as the Green Brands jury, taking a closer look at our company. Of course nothing is better than accomplishing such an outstanding result at the first go. This simply confirms all the work we have put in.”   

The award also enables WEB Windenergie AG to take its place on the Green Brands List 2016/17. The list was presented in the course of the Green Brands Gala; please follow this link to see the W.E.B contribution.

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