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Festivities in the French Champagne

Opening of Le Gourlus, the largest wind farm in W.E.B history

On Saturday, 14 January 2017, the residents of Faux Veusignol as well as representatives of local politics, Siemens France, and W.E.B gathered at the local town hall to attend W.E.B’s historic wind farm opening. The view over the eagerly rotating turbines provided the perfect ambiance for clinking glasses and drinking to the new wind farm Les Gourlus. All the representatives emphasized the importance of clean and regional energy production for the future, while the region’s policy-makers expressed their special gratitude for the successful cooperation in developing the wind farm.     

Le Gourlus is not only the largest wind farm of W.E.B but also features another novelty: it was the first time that W.E.B ordered Siemens turbines. Twelve Siemens DD 113 plants with a total capacity of 38.4 MW were installed in the French Champagne region; the last turbine was successfully put into operation in January. Le Gourlus generates clean and regional electricity for almost 70,000 people.  

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