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Inauguration ceremony at Glaubitz, Germany

Representatives of W.E.B celebrated the repowering project with all the people in the region

The Glaubitz wind power plants set a new W.E.B record in 2016. With their 137 meters of hub height, the plants are not only the tallest in the German federal state of Saxony but also the tallest in W.E.B history.

On Saturday, 29 April 2017, the local population came together with Mayor Lutz Thieming (Glaubitz), Mayor Hannes Claus (Wülknitz), and of course W.E.B to celebrate and officially open the newly designed wind farm. Even though the weather did not really play along, the new wind power plants still attracted great interest. The guests were especially impressed by the interplay of old and new plants, and the resulting increase in efficiency. The wind farm in Glaubitz was originally built with twelve turbines in 2001. In the course of last year, W.E.B dismantled eight old power plants to make way for four new and more powerful ones. Nevertheless, the production of electricity was multiplied despite the reduction of turbines: the new plants will generate 35,000 MWh of clean energy per year. In contrast, their eight predecessor plants produced 8,000 MWh. 

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